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2014/2015 bog and fast track calender contest

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Hey everyone.. A little fun thing for this year for bog and fast track guys and girls... I have an awesome printing company that im going to try out this year and came up with a little contest...Most people have bookface these days , so it shouldn't be an issue..
If you get an awesome picture of your ride while racing, click on the link im attaching and upload it to the page. It must be a dated pic and event name included, from 2014 race season, Ending Nov 1. After loading the pic on the site, winners that get there rides added to the calendar will be based on the number of "likes" there pic gets..Most likes gets the cover! all winners get a free copy when done, hopefully in time for Christmas, and will also be for sale to all others! Good luck to all! ... 377?ref=hl

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